5 Tips for Your Next Email Marketing Campaign

Does your company use an email marketing service to manage your email marketing campaigns?

The thing about using an email marketing service to do your email marketing is that you can create awesome-looking emails even if you don’t have an expert designer on staff. With customizable newsletter templates and drag and drop editing, you can create emails that follow email design best practices, match your brand, and make your business look professional in any inbox.

While email marketing services make it super simple to create email messages that look great, there are some important design best-practices you need to be aware of.
Small design mistakes can have a big impact on whether or not a potential client takes your emails seriously.

Here are a few tips:

Optimize your layout for mobile.
The easiest way to look great in the mobile inbox is to make the switch to a mobile-responsive template. These templates have built-in technology that allows your email to adapt to the size of the screen a reader is using and reorganize the content so that it displays effectively.

Always represent your brand.
Be consistent with logo & branding colors: Your logo should be positioned at the top of your email and the colors you use should fit your brand. Use images of your business, products, and people: Include real images that show the work that you’re doing every day. Use a consistent tone in the content that you write.

Use a sans serif font.
Arial, Helvetica, or Verdana are popular sanserif fonts that are highly compatible and easy to read.

Stick to 2-3 colors that align with your brand.
Using too many colors can be distracting and make your emails look unprofessional.

Organize your content.
Present one primary piece of information to your audience and no more than 2-3 secondary messages. Your primary message should be the first thing people see when opening your email. Follow with copy that is clear and concise.

Use targeted, high quality images, in just the right amount.
A recent analysis of more than 2 million Constant Contact customer emails found thatemails with 3 or fewer images result in the highest click-through rate.

Employ links.
Your email campaigns should include at least one relevant link to drive people back to your online properties. Be sure to drive people to the most relevant page for the action you want them to take. Take care not to overcrowd your message with multiple links. Be clear with your direction. Remain relevant and reap the benefits.

By taking care to employ these simple email campaign design best practices, your company can rest assured that email marketing dollars amount to money well spent.

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