The Anatomy of a Winning Social Media Marketing Campaign

In recent posts on the business practice blog, we have taken a high level look at branding and marketing. This week we will delve into the essential components of a successful social media marketing campaign.

So, exactly what does it take to win big using social media to market your telecom products and services?

The end game of any social media campaign is to encourage people to take action.

Sign up! Download! Buy now!

What are the best ways to leverage Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and the like to accomplish these conversions?


The first mission of your social media campaign should be to set a clear goal. Do you want to increase direct sales, generate leads, or get feedback on a new product or service? Whatever your end goal may be, make it quantifiable. This will help your team create attractive offers, capture useful metrics, and ultimately determine the relative success of your social media campaign.


Draw interest by providing a real incentive for users to take the action you request. Offers should be: useful, valuable, engaging, and entertaining. Examples of valuable offers include exclusive access to interesting information or insider insight, discounts, and contests with desirable prizes.

The key to developing a solid offer is having a TIEBACK to your specific product or service. Make sure that your offer relates directly to your brand, fosters loyalty, and generates targeted leads for your sales team.


A well designed splash page is crucial to the success of your social media campaign. This is where people arrive upon clicking your campaign link. The landing page is where people actively execute the desired action that your campaign has been driving them toward. This page lays out the format where users sign up, register, download, or buy. The landing page allows you to capture lead information.

A landing page should provide a clear call to action, as well as an information collection form. Your campaign landing page should also feature a compelling yet brief explanation of the offer value, and make that offer sing! It is good practice to create multiple landing pages optimized for conversions from different social media sources. In other words, make separate landing pages that receive traffic from Twitter and Facebook and each of the rest. This will help later on with targeted data metrics and campaign performance analysis.


Once you have launched your targeted social campaign, don’t forget to leverage your existing email list to activate interest in whatever you are promoting online. Your email subscribers are essentially your brand’s true believers. Get them involved.

Tailor the networks you leverage to the type of media you are disseminating. For instance, promote whitepapers on LinkedIn, and visual lifestyle stories on Instagram. Vary your campaign messaging and visual graphics for each specific platform. This will keep your campaign from appearing redundant and annoying to your followers that have chosen to engage with your brand across multiple platforms. This will also help your team measure which word combinations and visual assets were most compelling in driving user engagement.


The brevity of shortened links makes them easy to transmit and track. Because they generate cookies, shortened links allow your team to assess which versions of your campaign message performed best. Shortened links will also reveal which social property was used most to promote your link. A great site to use is bitly.

Even if social media campaigns are low cost to free, they require a lot of time and input of analytical resources to pull off. That’s why it is essential to embed trackable links to get the most out of your social media campaign efforts.


Once your team has successfully generated a boatload of fresh leads, what do you do? Continually blast them with corporate information? The answer is a flat no.

Approach these new qualified leads with the utmost care and respect. Your team has worked hard to gain these leads. The next steps here are to guide these leads through your sales cycle, gently and deliberately. Reap the rewards of a winning social media marketing campaign and grow your business.


Tiffany Dyess- werklab Studios Blog Contributor

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